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An extension is the most obvious way to add additional space to your property, and as with a loft conversion, is a less expensive way of gaining the extra

space you need, without the hassle of uprooting and relocating.

Subject to the availability of the plot, extensions can include single or double storey extensions at the side and/or rear.

When it comes to extensions, the Stones Team take great pride and care in ensuring it feels part of the existing property. From external appearance

and finishes to size and proportions, extensions are designed so they feel as if they were always a part of the property and not just an afterthought

that’s been bolted on.

We give great consideration to both the internal and external elements to improve flow and to maximise the habitable areas. It may be called an extension,

but it can be like designing a new house, which is always the approach we take.

Our belief when adding extensions is that the space created feels like the original fabric of the building; like it was always there.

Loft Conversions

Whether it’s more space you need or adding value to your home, a loft conversion is a great solution.

It can also be something to consider if moving somewhere bigger isn’t an option; a much more cost- effective way to achieving the additional space you need.

Here at Stones we’re clued up on the local and national policies and can talk you through what options are available to you based on your property type and location.

Our aim is to design a room that’s not only stylish and light, but one that maximises your space to make an unusable room usable.

We see loft conversions as an architectural opportunity to improve the light within the building as a

whole and particularly to light up the stair core.


If extending up or out is not an option, then extending down may be the solution.

With the addition of a whole new floor you can significantly increase the value of your property.

Not many people know this, but generally speaking, the word basement refers to a space which is difficult to live in due to the

lack of light. The term we therefore like to use is lower ground floor.

With our creative design approach and technical know how of construction, any lower ground floor would be designed

as a well lit and fully habitable space, primarily through the strategic placement of lightwells.

We do like our architectural terms, and it is said that without light, a space doesn’t really exist.

Here at Stones, brining a space into existence is our privilege, and one we’d be happy to discuss with you.

New Builds

Whether you’re considering a space for working from home with a new office at the back of your garden or adding a flat

or small family dwelling to land on your property, the stones Team is here to guide you through this.

A new build is a blank canvas, and an opportunity to create a unique space.

We can help talk you through what options are available to you, and what the design considerations are.

Some local authorities can be quite specific with their policies when it comes to architectural style while others embrace individuality.

In either case, we are experienced in creating well thought out spaces within the parameters of the plot and local and national policies.

With new builds, the design can be a very organic process which evolves from the site itself and it’s surroundings, but it’s not at the expense of the

client brief. In our opinion the key is understanding how the building will be used, which is why building the client brief is such a crucial step in the

process, and one we dedicate time and consideration to.

The great thing about a new build site is that estimating construction costs are more straight forward.

This is primarily because we have a good idea of what we’re dealing when compared to existing buildings.

Whether a tight infill space or large vacant plot, our aim is to design uplifting spaces.

Key Benefits

In house expertise available to support you throughout the build process  

Professional guidance from an experienced team 

Tightly managed programme of work through an agreed interim payment plan 


Careful planning of your costs 

Reassurance that your project will run to budget and on time 

Collaborative approach and continued client consultation from start to finish  


Added security of works carried out under an appropriate Building Contract 

Building Control relationship managed throughout the works up to the Building Regulations Completion Certificate


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